Cafè Noventa

while waiting

If only a tummy has a mouth? He would in all probability tell me to eat, eat, and eat.  That is how I felt just a while ago.  Good thing a cousin / partner in eating messaged me to have something for our cravings.  So we went to this Café situated not far my office with my sister.  Going a place where we can relax and enjoy is something that calms our mind. Places, where we can just seat back and do nothing, think of nothing but eat. ☺

placing our order

placing our order

hurry up!

time to rumble

time to rumble

While we were ordering, I had this fun time of taking pictures.  I think it’s a must for people with cameras.  Taking remembrance of whatever we see something remarkable and enjoyable.

While the food was served, I can’t help but glimpse with my obsession in front.  Remembered what my tummy was whispering to me a while ago.


Oh….. HI-RO my HI-RO :-)

all time favorite

all time favorite


I remember childhood back then.  Hahahaha I had this story to tell.  I was about, I think six or seven years old (near that age) when I had these memoirs of HI-RO.  A cousin was ailing; and because she’s dearly loved by her parents, she’s getting almost everything she needed.  I thought of taking advantage of the situation.  I lend money from her so I can buy myself this biscuit and promised her to shell out in next to no time.  But until this day, I never really paid her. 🙂   And when we’re looking back to those memories, we can’t help but laugh and talk about it.  Childhood memories really make us smile.  A genuine smile indeed.

Rain… rain…



heavy sky







Heavy sky, bed weather, gloomy day.  These are some of the adjectives known when the sky is promising a rain.  Waking up this morning is hard, I have this feeling of extended sleeping.  But someone on my mind reminds me things to be done, things to be taken care of.  Then suddenly, in a blink of an eye…. whoa!!! I find myself doing my routine.

I really don’t know but I love this kind of weather, specially here in our place where solemnity is quite natural.  It reminds me of a book I’d been reading where the setting is most likely on wetlands.  Reminds me of a feeling that somehow shows my kind of interest….. 🙂

The Late Date……

For the reason of busy schedules, I and my buddy celebrated our Valentine belatedly….

Good thing I had this transaction in Tagum City and my friend is heading back home.  We decided to meet halfway and have some fun.  And whoa!!! We did.




hahahha… what a smile!!!








Making the most of the time…. pose-ing and making fun of the camera.

Chilling out and enjoying each other’s presence.  A real fun indeed.