The Dragon’s Loyalty award


Happy to be nominated in this award. Thanks willowdot21, you’ve been nominating me for awards.

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7 things about me

  1. Loves morning rain
  2. Likes walking in the beach
  3. Loves to read, specially novels with tragic ending
  4. Been writing since high school
  5.  Travelling
  6. Photography
  7. Friends and Families


I hope I got it right…:-)


The joy this place brings me

that place

that place


Each time I imagined earnestness and gentleness; I always think of something breathing space, something resembling to a rice-field.  It gives me this emotion of calmness and peace inside.  It adds my time of releasing pressure to my mind and body.  A feeling that I sense every time I pass such as this place, just happy!


He's driving

He’s driving


capturing the moment

capturing the moment


sun kissed-skin

sun kissed-skin



Going to the area was fun and exciting.  We plan this travel just a night before.  As to what one of my colleagues said “It’s better to travel this rush than plan it well, it will often not realize” The travel was not that far anyway, I guess It’s okay not to be that planned.


When reaching the area, I can’t help but gaze every angle the place has.  Feel the wind blows all over me.  Feel the sun touches and kisses my skin.  The feeling that I’ve been searching pretty long to miss this much, the feeling of comfort it brings.  Unlike the not so concrete jungle place that I’ve been everyday; the place differs in a lot of ways, the sentiment, the judgment and the state of mind.



The Late Date……

For the reason of busy schedules, I and my buddy celebrated our Valentine belatedly….

Good thing I had this transaction in Tagum City and my friend is heading back home.  We decided to meet halfway and have some fun.  And whoa!!! We did.




hahahha… what a smile!!!








Making the most of the time…. pose-ing and making fun of the camera.

Chilling out and enjoying each other’s presence.  A real fun indeed.


After having our bath in this so cold hot spring in Camiguin, we decided to take a pose before leaving.  It’s a good thing we have this tripod so the four of us can be in the snapshot….. The person driving the car seem to be very strong in his attitude, but mind you, he’s tired driving the whole day that after dinner, while heading back home, he has to scare us of ghost storie….:-(

This Old Church


This old church in Basey Samar in the middle of a crowded and peopled community lays a holy place built centuries ago.  I was amazed with the structure itself, the way it was built and the way it was situated near this body of water.  Some locals say that the bell tower of the church serves as sighting position for incoming vessel be it visitors or enemies during the war.


As we explore the surroundings, we noticed the damaged through years.  But the devotees preserved the place.  Even mass is on set during Sundays, but unlike other churches it only has one mass per Sunday. 



The church’s altar was eminently secured by the people.  It feels like you have traveled to the past while inside the church. 



The way up was challenging because of its ruins / damaged parts but surely secured by people managing the church by educating the visitors to its danger.



When we reach the top, it was worth the danger that we have had to get through.  The overlooking surrounding was 360 degrees.  The waters that try to hand signal us closer to her.  The wind that touches our skin with ocean breeze was even more relaxing.  Whoa…..that was amazing.


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Upon arriving at this bridge….I can’t help but be amaze of its beauty and magnificence.  The way it was planned, and the way it was built.  


Even on our way to the said structure, I was imagining its creation and edifice.  Even imagining on what will look after or how will I maximize my experience.  When we were there, the distance to walk doesn’t bother us specially me.  From the police post to the place where this photo was taken took us almost 30 minutes of walk, of-course that includes stop overs for our photos to be taken.


It was worth the walk…. my heart beats like a drum.  But tiredness does not overpower my overwhelming emotion.  Full of excitement, joy and happiness.





When we were about to leave the area.  I said to myself….. at-least, I’ve been here….:-)


just in case you might want to discover my discoveries…..