After having our bath in this so cold hot spring in Camiguin, we decided to take a pose before leaving.  It’s a good thing we have this tripod so the four of us can be in the snapshot….. The person driving the car seem to be very strong in his attitude, but mind you, he’s tired driving the whole day that after dinner, while heading back home, he has to scare us of ghost storie….:-(

loving this



loving the way it works….  hope I have more time discovering hoe this application works…:-)

my new discovery….:-)

😦 I hope everything will be okay….

My Life in New York


I’m still very much freaked out by the pictures I see coming into our newsroom and on the Internet of the devastation Sandy has left in its wake and I am thanking God for sparing me. It’s hard to remain “stoic” during all of this when it’s in your own back yard.

I didn’t sleep so well again last night. Went to bed with a splitting headache. I think I worked with a clenched jaw most of the day and night.

My coworkers are getting tired. The party-like atmosphere at work is rapidly changing as fatigue is setting in. Many have suffered damage to their property and have issues with transportation and child care. Our crews are stretched to the max, working very long hours. Those of us inside the Broadcast Center are being treated well, we have hot meals and the camaraderie of each other. The crews out…

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