Cafè Noventa

while waiting

If only a tummy has a mouth? He would in all probability tell me to eat, eat, and eat.  That is how I felt just a while ago.  Good thing a cousin / partner in eating messaged me to have something for our cravings.  So we went to this Café situated not far my office with my sister.  Going a place where we can relax and enjoy is something that calms our mind. Places, where we can just seat back and do nothing, think of nothing but eat. ☺

placing our order

placing our order

hurry up!

time to rumble

time to rumble

While we were ordering, I had this fun time of taking pictures.  I think it’s a must for people with cameras.  Taking remembrance of whatever we see something remarkable and enjoyable.

While the food was served, I can’t help but glimpse with my obsession in front.  Remembered what my tummy was whispering to me a while ago.

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