Big Fan





Literally, it really looks like a big fan.  I’ve seen it from pictures, movies and ads.  Name it; I had it seen in metaphors.  Not until one day, when our family decide to have a trip to the “BANGUI WIND MILLS” I can’t explain the feeling of excitement I have that time; very burst, very sudden.  And the gist of it is I can’t wait to finally see it my eyes.


can't wait

can’t wait


Our way there was not easy; we have to travel HOURS to get there.  But it really is worth travelling, far beyond compare.  When approaching the area, tiredness and sleepiness has gone astray.  Eagerness and excitements has replaced all the negative sensations the long trip has created.











I noticed that I was jumping with my travel buddy; my blue duffle bag, I love this so dearly. And can you notice the white slipper underneath? That’s one of my favorites when travelling.

walking in the beach

walking in the beach


holding it

holding it


there it is!

there it is!


I finally come to see it my own eyes.  Lay a hand on it, felt it, and enjoyed it.

Just Imagine how inventors have come up to this Idea, an electric power coming from a big fan, The WIND MILLS as they call it.



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