stunning face

POND"S white beauty Pearl Cream

for a rosy white chick


Attaining a stunning face….


Sometime last week, I saw my sister smearing some cream on her face and directly ask her, what is that?  She then answered me with a smile on her face; this will help me delay the aging process.  I then said, really? Can I too try that? Knowing that the product is basically made for women, I had now the thought of confusion.


One sluggish afternoon, I decided to drop by a neighboring drug/grocery store then and there I saw the product that my sister was with, the POND’S WHITE BEAUTY PEARL CREAM.  Starved of thinking, I at that moment grasp one intended for a trial.  For the reason that I am use to just washing a face before laying on my way to bed as a regimen, I was not that clever to try the face pack cream, not until three nights has passed.  Throughout my wash, I envision myself thinning out the said cream and actually consider the stress of the regimen.  To my amazement, I did apply it that evening and when I was out of bed the following morning, I feel and saw the difference of the skin in my face, and the difference is for my advantage.


Petrified of the adverse effects of chemicals in my face and adding what I overheard roughly about the disgusting stories of burned skin by the sun due to overexposure, I made sure to have time examining the contents of the said product.  As I was reading, I really had no idea what were the ingredients, how will it work and how will it get in the way of the face skin in the future for I have long forgotten my chemistry class.


Knowing the convenience of the internet, I had this chance of querying Google about the components and its effects to the skin………..


One week of using the supposed manufactured goods, I in fact noticed the difference in my face skin, the difference that on one way or another I start to raise the value of, thinking that women’s beauty product are also for made for men’s advantage.  Since I experienced the said difference, I at this moment routinely use the POND’S beauty pearl cream and starting to have confidence in attaining a stunning face (crossing my fingers).  I hope the T.V. ad is factual to their promise about achieving a rosy white skin in the face in just couple of weeks.  Who do not want to attain that skin in any case…:-)




Life… easy it may seem, good thing it may bring.  As life starts to unfold its mystery, hopes come along.  Especially to people who needs it the most, to people who looks for it the most.  Many things transpired during a lifetime, it may be worthy or wicked thing.

playing so happily

playing so happily

Memories are there to cherished and be cultured.  As I realize life during my childhood years, excitements are always there to applaud me up, what will happen the next days, the next months, and the next years.


But when adulthood emanates, I can’t help but gaze back to life then, more often than not, I used to tell myself, I wish I didn’t do these, I wish I didn’t do that.  People and phrases always retell me that we should not be regretful of our judgments, because possessions happen for a reason.  But, somebody also told me that our life today is the outcome of our decisions and actions of the past, which scrapes me a lot.


But then again, changes transpire during a journey, despites all its dimensions and detours, we must not obstruct life to move on to disparities, instead we have to get along with it.  It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery.