The Dragon’s Loyalty award


Happy to be nominated in this award. Thanks willowdot21, you’ve been nominating me for awards.

The Rules are as follows:

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7 things about me

  1. Loves morning rain
  2. Likes walking in the beach
  3. Loves to read, specially novels with tragic ending
  4. Been writing since high school
  5.  Travelling
  6. Photography
  7. Friends and Families


I hope I got it right…:-)


Big Fan





Literally, it really looks like a big fan.  I’ve seen it from pictures, movies and ads.  Name it; I had it seen in metaphors.  Not until one day, when our family decide to have a trip to the “BANGUI WIND MILLS” I can’t explain the feeling of excitement I have that time; very burst, very sudden.  And the gist of it is I can’t wait to finally see it my eyes.


can't wait

can’t wait


Our way there was not easy; we have to travel HOURS to get there.  But it really is worth travelling, far beyond compare.  When approaching the area, tiredness and sleepiness has gone astray.  Eagerness and excitements has replaced all the negative sensations the long trip has created.











I noticed that I was jumping with my travel buddy; my blue duffle bag, I love this so dearly. And can you notice the white slipper underneath? That’s one of my favorites when travelling.

walking in the beach

walking in the beach


holding it

holding it


there it is!

there it is!


I finally come to see it my own eyes.  Lay a hand on it, felt it, and enjoyed it.

Just Imagine how inventors have come up to this Idea, an electric power coming from a big fan, The WIND MILLS as they call it.



Cafè Noventa

while waiting

If only a tummy has a mouth? He would in all probability tell me to eat, eat, and eat.  That is how I felt just a while ago.  Good thing a cousin / partner in eating messaged me to have something for our cravings.  So we went to this Café situated not far my office with my sister.  Going a place where we can relax and enjoy is something that calms our mind. Places, where we can just seat back and do nothing, think of nothing but eat. ☺

placing our order

placing our order

hurry up!

time to rumble

time to rumble

While we were ordering, I had this fun time of taking pictures.  I think it’s a must for people with cameras.  Taking remembrance of whatever we see something remarkable and enjoyable.

While the food was served, I can’t help but glimpse with my obsession in front.  Remembered what my tummy was whispering to me a while ago.

Rain… rain…



heavy sky







Heavy sky, bed weather, gloomy day.  These are some of the adjectives known when the sky is promising a rain.  Waking up this morning is hard, I have this feeling of extended sleeping.  But someone on my mind reminds me things to be done, things to be taken care of.  Then suddenly, in a blink of an eye…. whoa!!! I find myself doing my routine.

I really don’t know but I love this kind of weather, specially here in our place where solemnity is quite natural.  It reminds me of a book I’d been reading where the setting is most likely on wetlands.  Reminds me of a feeling that somehow shows my kind of interest….. 🙂

The Child In Me

rides....rides.... and rides

rides….rides…. and rides



the whole cast…☺


a bit scared?

a bit scared?


while roaming around

while roaming around


that beautiful fountain

that beautiful fountain


Since I was a child, I’ve always enjoyed going to amusement parks or in local term “peryahan”.  I can’t measure the fun, excitement and comfort it can offer me.  Until one day, I had given this chance to experience one of the biggest parks in the country, no second thoughts.  Though it’s quite absurd to my age to feel this kind of excitement but I can’t help it.  Anyone can call me childish or anything, but me? Oh no, I can’t let them get in the way of my happiness or my fulfillment should I say…..☺