Big Fan





Literally, it really looks like a big fan.  I’ve seen it from pictures, movies and ads.  Name it; I had it seen in metaphors.  Not until one day, when our family decide to have a trip to the “BANGUI WIND MILLS” I can’t explain the feeling of excitement I have that time; very burst, very sudden.  And the gist of it is I can’t wait to finally see it my eyes.


can't wait

can’t wait


Our way there was not easy; we have to travel HOURS to get there.  But it really is worth travelling, far beyond compare.  When approaching the area, tiredness and sleepiness has gone astray.  Eagerness and excitements has replaced all the negative sensations the long trip has created.











I noticed that I was jumping with my travel buddy; my blue duffle bag, I love this so dearly. And can you notice the white slipper underneath? That’s one of my favorites when travelling.

walking in the beach

walking in the beach


holding it

holding it


there it is!

there it is!


I finally come to see it my own eyes.  Lay a hand on it, felt it, and enjoyed it.

Just Imagine how inventors have come up to this Idea, an electric power coming from a big fan, The WIND MILLS as they call it.




This Old Church


This old church in Basey Samar in the middle of a crowded and peopled community lays a holy place built centuries ago.  I was amazed with the structure itself, the way it was built and the way it was situated near this body of water.  Some locals say that the bell tower of the church serves as sighting position for incoming vessel be it visitors or enemies during the war.


As we explore the surroundings, we noticed the damaged through years.  But the devotees preserved the place.  Even mass is on set during Sundays, but unlike other churches it only has one mass per Sunday. 



The church’s altar was eminently secured by the people.  It feels like you have traveled to the past while inside the church. 



The way up was challenging because of its ruins / damaged parts but surely secured by people managing the church by educating the visitors to its danger.



When we reach the top, it was worth the danger that we have had to get through.  The overlooking surrounding was 360 degrees.  The waters that try to hand signal us closer to her.  The wind that touches our skin with ocean breeze was even more relaxing.  Whoa…..that was amazing.


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This watch

edc watches by ESPRIT

Sometime in April of 2012, A friend visited my place with his eye-catching wrist watch.  The appreciative me quickly had a look and tried the said watch.  Until reaches a point that i borrowed it and forgot to return it on time.

I was bothered because he keeps on telling me to return the watch for it is indeed important to him.  I really had no intention of keeping this for a longer time.  But, rest assured, from this day forward, I’ll take of this watch to life…:-) don’t worry my friend, you’ll still see this the moment we cross our paths….:-) see you very soon……





Life… easy it may seem, good thing it may bring.  As life starts to unfold its mystery, hopes come along.  Especially to people who needs it the most, to people who looks for it the most.  Many things transpired during a lifetime, it may be worthy or wicked thing.

playing so happily

playing so happily

Memories are there to cherished and be cultured.  As I realize life during my childhood years, excitements are always there to applaud me up, what will happen the next days, the next months, and the next years.


But when adulthood emanates, I can’t help but gaze back to life then, more often than not, I used to tell myself, I wish I didn’t do these, I wish I didn’t do that.  People and phrases always retell me that we should not be regretful of our judgments, because possessions happen for a reason.  But, somebody also told me that our life today is the outcome of our decisions and actions of the past, which scrapes me a lot.


But then again, changes transpire during a journey, despites all its dimensions and detours, we must not obstruct life to move on to disparities, instead we have to get along with it.  It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery.