know the importance of people around

People really don’t appreciate possessions and people around them until it ceases to exist.

I hope by watching this video changes our personality even for more better.


The Child In Me

rides....rides.... and rides

rides….rides…. and rides



the whole cast…☺


a bit scared?

a bit scared?


while roaming around

while roaming around


that beautiful fountain

that beautiful fountain


Since I was a child, I’ve always enjoyed going to amusement parks or in local term “peryahan”.  I can’t measure the fun, excitement and comfort it can offer me.  Until one day, I had given this chance to experience one of the biggest parks in the country, no second thoughts.  Though it’s quite absurd to my age to feel this kind of excitement but I can’t help it.  Anyone can call me childish or anything, but me? Oh no, I can’t let them get in the way of my happiness or my fulfillment should I say…..☺







Travelling is what a person really loves to do when spare times.  When I’m in this situation, I at all times make certain that I go light so I can straightforwardly wander and check around.  Whoa! My backpack and duffel bags are my buddies.  I’d rather be in my comfy-est outfit; a shorts, t-shirt and slipper are great!!!

My Bag Buddies


After having our bath in this so cold hot spring in Camiguin, we decided to take a pose before leaving.  It’s a good thing we have this tripod so the four of us can be in the snapshot….. The person driving the car seem to be very strong in his attitude, but mind you, he’s tired driving the whole day that after dinner, while heading back home, he has to scare us of ghost storie….:-(