Forecasting early to come to Maragusan for a commitment, with that in mind, I woke up early and prepared some stuff for the travel.  I leave the house at around 7:45am, directly headed to the terminal for a bus ride.  I was so pleased to see that there is a bus waiting to depart.  To my surprise and a bit disappointment, we’ve waited for exactly 47 minutes before it departed the terminal that counting started the moment I arrived, I don’t know for those who arrived first.


As we traveled,  dust and the scorching heat of the sun welcomed every passenger on that bus.  To our big disappointment, the bus wheel rolled something that make it sounds like the air releases with force, for short, flat tire.  Most of the passengers murmured to disappointment that even I cannot comprehend.  I got nothing but disembark and see something to grace with what happened.  For I know, I am delayed and that I have no power over the situation.  I brace myself and enjoy the scenery and quietness than frown and feel uncomfortable. 


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