lighting up a puff



Back during college days, I learn to puff a stick, a cigar, which at first happens only to put on show.  I discern for a fact that it can do no good to the body, destroying the skin cells, downing the immune system, and broking the total health to name a few.  I even hear thoughts whispering not to indulge on that, but honestly, I love puffing that stick. 

I used to just smoke when festivities happen like birthdays, parties and other celebrations. Long before I noticed, I was leisurely adding my consumption on the way to every after meal, break time and when I have not anything else to do.  Until came to a point that I realize consuming almost a pack per day! Gosh, I can’t imagine how many impurities I had accumulated, and still continue doing the puffing.

I came to hear news that prices will soon to boost because of taxes issues and all that.  Then the whisper echoed again, I think it’s time for me to stop gradually or even abruptly.  Reading campaigns for health and wellness, with all the billboards with a slogan (smoking kills) around visualizing the decease (displayed as a MENU) that you may perhaps come upon if you continue the habit heightens my worries.

I then again thought of this idea just in case, just in case smoking really kills! Why the hell on earth government allows distribution of this said killing item, is it because of revenues that it can offer?  Why not allow other dangerous drugs as well? It will also bring good proceeds, if that’s really the reason.

Until now, I still think of putting an end to my number of habits, especially smoking.  But I also think that, is smoking really kills? Then why is it available in the market still?

What do you think?